Big Reading

Once our children have mastered their phonics learning; they then transition to Big Reading which is taught from Year 2 all the way through to Year 6. Big Reading is our 5way of teaching reading in a fun and engaging way as we encourage the pupils to become ‘Reading Spies’ whilst they develop their retrieving, analysing, exploring and deducing skills at the same time as becoming expert readers. Our Big Reading sessions are extremely interactive and we expect to hear a ‘learning buzz’ in every classroom as children discuss, act out and complete missions as Reading Spies.

To find out more about Big Reading and how you can help your child master the 5 reading skills, see below:

Here is a little more information about our Big Reading Spies. We would love you to talk to your children about the different characters and even ask some of the characters favourite questions when reading together! By doing this you will help your child improve their reading skills. CLICK HERE.