Our Vision

Vision & Values

We BELIEVE that:

  • All children should have a thirst for learning and all teachers should have a passion for teaching
  • All members of the Gray’s Farm community are valued equally
  • All our pupils deserve the very best quality of teaching that we can provide
  • Our staff, pupils and parents deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect and that there is no place for verbal intimidation, aggressive behaviour or violence
  • Our school is at the centre of our community and provides a safe haven for our pupils to grow and develop as well-rounded young people ready to progress confidently onto the next stage of their education

We expect our pupils to ACHIEVE by:

  • Expecting our parents to ensure that their children attend school regularly and on time
  • Setting high expectations of behaviour in class and around our school
  • Working hard to fulfil their potential and developing as confident independent learners
  • Providing consistently high quality teaching at each key stage and in each class
  • Closely monitoring pupil progress and attainment and benchmarking this against national standards
  • Providing targeted support to those pupils who require it
  • Working closely with our parents
  • Valuing each and every child for the contribution that they make, respecting personal values and celebrating diversity
  • Providing an innovative, inclusive and high quality curriculum as well as opportunities to learn beyond, as well as within, the school’s immediate environment

Our pupils will SUCCEED when:

  • They regularly attend school and are rarely absent
  • Parents are supportive to their children’s learning and want them to succeed
  • They work hard, enjoy learning and do as well as they can
  • They trust and respect each other and are determined to be the best they can be
  • They rarely misbehave
  • They know the difference between right and wrong and accept responsibility for the choices that they make

Our school will SUCCEED when:

  • Teaching is consistently good or better and high expectations are set
  • Attainment levels are in line with or better than the national average
  • Levels of progress are in line with or better than national levels of expectation
  • Behaviour in classes and during playtimes is consistently good
  • Attendance is above the national average
  • All our parents are supportive to the school, ensure that their children attend regularly and assist them by valuing the work of the school and its staff