Posted on: December 5th 2017

Year 2 - Aliens and Astronauts


Tonight, your child will be bringing a letter home regarding their topic which has been centred around ‘Aliens and Astronauts’. They have looked at story books with settings from other planets, calculated with aliens in maths and created exciting sculptures in art and design! The children have enjoyed this unit, and we thought it only right to finish the topic in style!


As a result, Year 2 are holding an  Aliens and Astronauts day on Friday 15th December in the school hall. The children are invited to dress up in their most imaginative ’alien’ or ’astronaut’ costume—the more outrageous the better!  This does not need to be elaborate, anything you already have at home would be ideal or something like the photos below. Of course, if you want to create something more intricate that is fine too!


We would welcome a contribution of £3 which can be paid via the School Gateway. The deadline for payment is Friday 8th December.


The children will spend some of the morning inside an astrodome to see the stars and planets, get creative with art projects and even create some ‘alien’ foods!


We would like to invite you join us to celebrate the end of our topic. All parents are welcome to come to sample the alien recipes, enjoy the alien landscape created by the classes and of course see all of the hard work your children have been producing over the last term from 2.45-3.15pm


If you would like to attend, please complete the slip at the bottom of the letter and return it by Friday 8th December.