Posted on: December 12th 2017

6 Poplar - Attendance Trip


We are very pleased to announce that the class with the top attendance for the Autumn Term was 6 Poplar!

As promised, this class will be treated to a special ‘Amazing Attendance Trip’ paid for by the school which will be ice skating at Ruxley Garden Centre on Wednesday 20th December.


Children will need to arrive at school and be collected at normal time.


They will require:                                            


* Warm coats etc and comfortable footwear (Children with long hair should tie it back!)

* A waterproof coat/jacket with a hood

* Gloves

* Additional pairs of socks for comfort

* A change of clothes in case they get wet if they fall on the ice!


Permission for this trip can be given via the School Gateway.


As you know, attendance is incredibly important to your child’s progress and success in their school career and so we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting the school in our mission to ensure our children are in every day.