Posted on: January 29th 2018

This week at Gray's Farm



Week commencing 29th January we will be looking at people who help us. We shall be talking about the role of a Fire fighters and the  dangers on fire.  We will be recapping on what we do at nursery if we hear the fire bell.

Children can act out roles of a fire fighter using hoses and other fire fighting equipment. During our music and movement sessions we will be playing games listening and doing games like stop, drop and roll.

Thank you to those parents that are still uploading photos of your child's activities at home, we very much enjoy sharing them with the children.


Reception are learning about Warming Winter Vegetables this week. We will be investigating  root vegetables, using them in art, and turning them into a tasty and healthy vegetable soup. PLEASE SEE THE TEACHER IF YOUR CHILD HAS ANY ALLERGIES WE ARE UNAWARE OF.  We are continuing with money this week in numeracy, and practising buying and selling vegetables.


In Maths the children will be learning about capacity – comparing different amounts of liquid.

In English we are learning and writing short stories.


In maths we will adding and subtractions with money! We will look at the notes and coins used in Britain and use them to make different amounts, ‘buy’ things using the correct coins and identify when we need change!

In English, we have started a new book called ‘Claude in the City’. We are practising our main clause writing and will join them with conjunctions soon!


Maths - year 3 are continuing their work on Fractions by finding fractions of amounts and ordering fractions.

English - following on from our work on ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Brown, we are next reading ‘Into the Forest’ by the same author. This week, we are continuing to work on using relevant conjunctions and will apply this is letter writing.

Curriculum - we are doing topic for the next two weeks of term. We shall be looking at different areas and moments in Italy and repairing for our Wow day!

Science - continuing our work on plants.


In English we will start reading a new text by Andrew Browne this week. The skills we will be developing are correctly identifying, writing,  punctuating and extending clauses. We will also be refining our persuasion techniques.

In Maths we will be working on our Statistics skills interpreting discrete and continuous data using tables, pictograms and bar charts.


In English, we will be starting a new book – The Sheep-Pig by Dick King Smith.

In Maths, we will be looking at statistics by recapping our knowledge of reading graphs from year 4.

In Topic, we will be making music in computing!


In year 6 this week, we will be practising for our SATs tests. In RE, we will be learning about Buddhism and meditation.