Posted on: March 9th 2018

Year 3 WOW! Day - Earthquakes and Volcanoes


As part of our Spring term topic learning on Earthquakes and Volcanoes, we will be having a volcano-making WOW! day on Friday 23rd March 2018. On this day, we will be building 3D volcanoes from junk-model material. We will then make them erupt lava using an exciting chemical reaction!

If possible, please could your children bring in any old recycling that we could use to make our volcanoes such as cardboard, newspaper or cardboard boxes.

On this day, the children are invited to dress up as volcanoes or wear volcano coloured clothes. These could be red, orange, yellow, brown, black or green etc. This day is just for the children so parents should collect the children at the usual time of 3.20pm from the playground.