Posted on: March 19th 2018

This week at Gray's Farm



This week we will be exploring our new story  “ The egg drop” we shall be looking at shapes, investigating which shapes roll better. We will be counting, ordering eggs and looking at quantity and number. This of course will link into our theme in the run up to Easter,.

On Wednesday 21st the morning children will have a visit from Bromley dental health to talk about keeping our teeth clean and demonstrating this on puppets.

Please continue to update or check tapestry.


How eggciting! This week we are eggspecting to have some chicken eggs to watch hatch! Please check the app, as we will try and put out bulletins when we have some chicks!

We will be studying  Egg Drop by Mini Grey, and thinking abut Spring and signs of new life. In Phonics we will be beginning work on split digraphs- a-e e-e- i-e- o-e u-e. We will continue with counting for our maths, as this vital skill underpins all other number work.

We are also expecting another Guest Story Teller on Monday, so look on Tapestry for the results


We will be beginning fractions and looking at what is meant by the whole of something and what it means to have half of something. We will also be halving different shapes and numbers.

I’m English we continue with our story ‘Lila and the secret of Rain’ - children will be retelling and rewriting the story.


In English, Year 2 are focusing on how conjunctions work within a sentence. They are learning that a sentence with a conjunction MUST have 2 main clauses to work. In Maths, The children are calculating fractions of measure using their division skills.


Maths: Statisitics! The children will be intrepretting the data found in bar graphs and answering questions on about these. They will then be making their own bar graphs using information they have collected.

English: We are starting a new story called 'Oliver and the Seawig'. This is a longer text for Year 3. Our writing focus is paragraphing this week.

Curriculum: We are learning about volcanoes and earthquakes! We are finding out more what lies beneath the Earth's crust and why volcanoes erupt.


We will continue to read the text 'I am a Rat' and will be applying the skills that we have been focusing on this half term, in our writing.

In Maths we are going to read, write and convert time between analogue and digital 12 hour clocks. We are going to recognise and write decimal equivalents of any number of tenths or hundredths. Also, we are going to solve problems with harder fractions to calculate quantities where the answer is a whole number.


Year 5 will be continuing our work around the Sheep-Pig in English. In Maths, we will be learning about percentages and how they link to fractions. We will be looking at the effect of the droughts on the rivers and societies of the world in our Topic lessons and in Science, we will be conducting experiments to establish the distance of the planets from the sun.

As well as all of this, we have our Space WOW day on Thursday. Don't forget you are invited to come and see your children's work at the end of the day!


This week in year 6 we will be having an assessment week. This will comprise of the children carrying out tests in SPaG, reading and maths