Posted on: April 23rd 2018

Whole School Music Day


On Friday 4th May 2018, we will be having a whole school music day! This will be an exciting day of making instruments, using our surroundings to make music (just like ‘Stomp!’) and performing our work as a school.

The children will be using junk items brought from home to create instruments. Please see the relevant year groups below for an idea of what your children will need for the day:

Year Group:

Junk items to bring in:


Bottle tops (plastic or metal)


Strong, cylindrical container e.g. Pringles tube, Jaffa Cake tube, coffee pot (no glass)


Year 2 will be using items that they find in school


They will be creating ‘musical costumes’ by attaching various items to tap, shake etc to their bodies! They should bring cardboard and anything that could make a noise!


Various size, shape and material closable containers e.g. small cereal box, match box (no matches), Pringles tube

5 & 6 

Years 5 and 6 will be using items that they find in school