Posted on: May 14th 2018

This week at Gray's Farm



We are very excited to start our new book next week called Peters Pebbles you can look this up on Youtube it is by Cherie Zamazing.

We will be exploring shape, size, weight. We will be decorating our own pebbles and using our imaginations and talk about lots of adventures like Peter had in his story.

Please continue to support your child's learning at home and of course we like to share them in class.

Thank you for your support Nursery Team.


We are thinking about mermaids and mermen this week, and using our ideas to write simple stories. In Numeracy we continue to make and recall number bonds of 10. We will be using resources from around the classroom to support this, such as making paper chain sea weed, and coloured unifix towers. If you have any suitable junk we could use to continue making sea creatures, please send it in!


In Maths we are adding money and solving money problems. If possible, please show and remind your child of the value of different coins and notes
In English we are continuing our book focus on Where the Wild Things Are. We will be rewriting the story and looking at how to edit and improve our writing.


Year 2 will be showing off their reading and comprehension skills in English and finding fractions of shape and number in Maths. We are also designing our Victorian Doll's houses - any shoe boxes will be gratefully received to help us make them!


Maths: We are learning about fractions again. We will be exploring equivalent fractions and adding and subtracting fractions.

English: We are continuing to expand our writing skills by using sentences with a range of clauses.

Topic: We are exploring the Ancient Egyptian process of mummification!

Science: Year 3 will be investigating how the position of our shadows change throughout the day.


English - we will be maintaining a positive attitude to discussing a wide range of fiction playscripts.

Maths – working on statistics, reading and compiling data into a graph.


In English, we will be finishing our owl fact files and writing a letter to the author of ‘Skellig’ (David Almond)
In maths, we are revising what we know about fractions and learning more about percentages
In topic, we continue with Victorian medicine and will learn about the breakthrough in cleanliness to prevent disease.
In science, we continue learning about plant and animal reproduction and life cycles. Will our butterflies emerge?!


It’s SATS week for year 6 this week. We will be putting into practice all the hard work we have done.