Posted on: June 11th 2018

This week at Gray's Farm



We will continue our topic on the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. We will be looking at the life cycle from the egg to the butterfly and observing our real butterflies over a period of time. During this time we will visit our Forest School/wildlife area to see if we can spot different species of butterflies?

The children will be looking at ordering numbers on the caterpillar and exploring symmetry to make butterfly paintings.

Please check our Grays Farm App under Events for a list of activities happening until the end of term. Thank you.


This week as part of our work on Fairy Tales we are thinking about Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be looking at different types of beans, and hopefully measuring some of our plants and making comparisons. We will be beginning to write our own simple retells of fairy tales. We hope to make the most of the dry weather (!) and practise for Sports Day, so please ensure your child's PE kit is in school every day.


In English we will be writing diary entries, fact sheets and making predictions about a story.  The focus will be on writing sentences beginning with a capital letter and ending with the correct end mark.

In Maths we will be drawing our own number lines to help us solve additions and subtractions.


Next week, in English. Our children will be looking at traditional Punch and Judy stories and creating their own by choosing  characters and creating plots. In Maths, we will be reading analogue clocks to the nearest 5mins using the language ‘past’ and ‘to’.


English: we are starting a new book however we are not telling the children what it’s title is! We are focusing on using conjunction and paragraphing our work.

Maths: we are extending our learning on the expanded column method to cross boundaries.

Topic: introduction modern day Egypt.

Science: continuing learning on nutrition and healthy eating.


In Maths we are working on word problems across all operations.

In English we are working on using noun phrases, expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials.


In English, we will continue to look at The Ice Dragon, using its great ideas to improve our story writing.

In Maths, we look at calculations and word problems.


This week in year 6 we will be creating information leaflets and using our mathematical skills in real life situations