Posted on: July 8th 2018

Funday - Friday 13 July


We are fast approaching our Funday, which this year, is on the afternoon of Friday 13th July. Each stall will be run by a class or year group.

The children have chosen to run the following stalls and we would like some help with the following:                   

Bottle tombola                                    
Rec Oak                 
Any bottled drink, soft or alcoholic

Find the lucky key                              
Rec Walnut           
Small toys, sweets, small bottles of drink

1 Elm                      
Toiletries, packaged food, bric a brac etc

Guess the Weight of the cake                           
1 Rowan                
Liaise with the teacher to donate a cake

Number of sweets in the jar           
1 Rowan               
Sweets for the sweet jar

Pennies in the jar                              
1 Rowan                
Small change to fill the coin jar

Name of a toy                                     
1 Rowan                
New soft toy, doll etc

Obstacle course                                  
2 Hawthorn          

Hook a duck                                        
2 Hazel                   
Small packets of sweets and lollipops

Books and toys                                    
3 Ash                      
Books, toys, puzzles, games and DVD’s

Cake & drinks stall                              
3 Silver Birch        
Cake donations (nearer the time) & small bottles of drinks

Lucky lollipop                                      
4 Sycamore           
Small packets of sweets and lollipops

Toys on a string                                   
4 Yew                    
Small packets of sweets, lollipops, small toys

Ice poles & lollies & Raffle               
5 Juniper              
Packets of unfrozen ice poles. Donations for raffle

Face/nail painting                               
5 Willow               
Any face paints or nail varnish/art

Jam jar tombola                                 
Year 6                    
Empty washed jam jars, small packets of sweets, lollipops and small toys


Please send any donations into your child’s class. If you have a donation for a different class, please bring those to the school office.