Posted on: July 9th 2018

This week at Gray's Farm



We shall be continuing our story of the Rainbow fish. We shall be doing observational pictures of real fish, observing how they move and look closely at their scales.

On Wednesday 11th July we shall be taking part in WELLBEING DAY, this time we shall be talking to the children about healthy foods, looking at the importance of keeping our teeth and gums healthy.

If you would like to bring in your child's toothbrush and toothpaste labelled, we can do a session around teeth cleaning.

Our Graduation is fast approaching and work is underway planning for this big event, If you would like to contribute towards this please find the green pig money box located just outside the nursery door in the garden for you kind donations.

Thank you once again for all your help and support.

Nursery Team


Reception are preparing ourselves for a major transition into Year 1 this week. We will be making our own scrapbooks about our memories of being in Reception. We will be challenged to read a book to ourselves every day, do writing on a new page, and join in with daily maths challenges.  On  Friday it is our school fun day, so can we request you support us by donating filled bottles for our stall (alcohol, squash, water, bubble bath etc) or some small toys, sweets or stationery for the pick a key stall. Enjoy the sun again this week!


In maths we are reinforcing our knowledge of subtraction and applying it to finding change in money.  In English we are learning about verbs and planning a story.


In Year 2 this week, we're using our Sea-Life Centre trip to learn about Statistics in Maths. In English, we're writing recount of our Sea-Life Centre trip.


English - weather report comparing England and Egypt weather.

Maths- revisiting key learning from year 3


In Maths, we are going to add and subtract fractions and for the rest of the week we are going to work on our problem solving skills.

In English, we are going to use a picture stimulus to write a narrative considering the audience and purpose.


We are having a fun packed week with Wellbeing Day, Computing Day and Fun Day!

We will also be having an interesting talk from local police officers.

Around this, we will be looking at conjunctions and narrative writing in English and shapes and angles in maths.


Next week year 6 will be rehearsing for our show ‘an inspector calls’.