Posted on: September 13th 2018

After School Clubs


As stated in the original letter, you should only be booking your child on to one club – as you can appreciate, we have more children in the school than we do club places. If you have selected more than one activity, your child has been taken off of additional lists and left with a single club. If it is a paid club (cookery or boxing), this has been taken as your first choice. Please remember that if funds bounce back, you will need to collect a PayPoint barcode from the office to make immediate payment or your child could lose their place.


Once all parents have had a fair chance to select a club for their child and if there are any spaces left by the end of Friday, a message will go out which will then give you the opportunity to book your child on to a second club. A text message will go out on Monday morning to let you know which club your child definitely has a place on. Please make a note of the start and end dates, as if the club is not scheduled to run and you do not collect your child, they will be placed in our after school child care provision and you will be charged.


Thank you.