Posted on: October 11th 2018



Unfortunately we have an ongoing issue with head lice in the school. This has become a massive frustration for our parents and it is constantly being brought to our attention. It is essential that all children are treated correctly to ensure that it does not spread or re-infect others.

The guidelines are that after initial treatment, you should treat your child every 3 days as this is the life cycle for head lice. You do not have to re-treat them with expensive treatments - just use conditioner and comb through with a special nit comb. You should do this twice as a minimum. Tea tree conditioner is also recommended as a product in the prevention of head lice.

Please note that once your child has been initially treated, they can return to school but must be treated 3 days later and then 3 days after that. Thank you for your support in this matter - if we ALL follow these guidelines, we should stop the problem spreading.