Posted on: November 5th 2018

This week at Gray's Farm - WB 05/11


Week Beginning: 05 November 2018


In nursery we shall be continuing our story of The Enomorous Turnip, children will be planting seeds and learning how to take care of them.

We shall be exploring things that push and pull and during our PE sessions will be using balls and other resources to support this.

Please continue to put your photos and comments on tapestry, we love sharing them. 

Nursery team


This term in Reception we have so much to look forward to. We have started our topic of traditional tales and next week we will be finishing our story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and beginning our leaning about Diwali. We will be learning about the traditions and exploring the creativeness of colours and lights.

We are going to be talking about our families and how everyone is different. The Reception Team kindly ask if parents could takes pictures of the children's immediate family members and bring them in for the children to use. We will be sharing our pictures and using them in our art activities. This pictures can be either put on to tapestry or printed and brought in.

We will also be talking about numbers in the environment- the children will partake in a number hunt around the school. If possible can you take a picture of your child by their front door number or any numbers that they can find out and about.

Reception Team


In English we will be continuing our book ‘Toys in Space’.  We will be focussing on writing single clauses beginning with a capital letter and ending with a full stop, question mark or an exclamation mark.

In Maths we will be continuing counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.  We will be solving problems involving counting in 2s. For example we will be asking how many eyes/ears/legs would 2/8/12 children have.


This week, Year 2 will be using the spooky language we collected to write spooky stories! We are focused on joining our letters correctly to improve our handwriting and including nun phrases in our main clauses.

In Maths, we will be adding and subtracting on number lines. If you want to help at home, knowing number bonds within 20 would really help with this week’s learning! Try using the ‘number bond’ section of ‘Hit the Button’ online.


In English we are going to use conjunctions to join main clauses.  Towards the end of the week, we are going to write a recount on Fireworks Night and we will also publish it.

In Maths we are going to sharpen our division skills.


In English we are learning how to use fronted adverbials.

In Maths we are learning to understand units of measurement and perimeter.

in Science we are beginning our topic on solids, liquids and gases.


In English, we are looking at how to accurately use apostrophes for contractions, singular possession and plural possession.

In maths, we begin to look at fractions including equivalents and converting to mixed numbers.


Next week, in Year 6, we will be continuing with our book 'The Viewer' and learning about the equator, tropic of Cancer, tropic of Capricorn and the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.