Posted on: November 8th 2018

Severe Weather Proecedures


We are now entering the time of year when severe weather is more likely, such as storms and snowfall.

During severe weather Gray’s Farm Primary Academy will make every effort to remain open. However, in some exceptional circumstances an enforced closure is unavoidable. These include but are not limited to:

- Insufficient number of staff able to reach school premises
- Conditions onsite are considered dangerous to pupils and staff
- Conditions around the school are considered too dangerous or are anticipated to become too dangerous for travel
- Power / water / heating failure to the school buildings

In the event of a school closure we will send out a text message & app notification to all parents notifying of the school closure for that day. The decision regarding the school’s ability to open will be made no later than 8.15am.

Please note a text will only be sent out in the event of school closure, one will not be sent to confirm the school is open, however a message will be placed on the school website to confirm the school is open on the app, website, Facebook and twitter feed (@grays_farm).  All subsequent updates will be posted to the school website and on the school’s twitter feed (@grays_farm).

In the event of the school being closed for a second consecutive day there will be a notice placed on the school’s website, app, Facebook and twitter feed (@grays_farm). Please note that there will be no text on the second day if there is another enforced closure, therefore it is vital that you check the website before leaving for the school. The same procedure will follow in the event of a third day closure etc.



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