Posted on: March 1st 2019

Changes to the app


Since September 2015, we have been using our own branded school app to communicate important information, news and events with parents & carers of Gray’s Farm Primary Academy. Since we launched the app it has been downloaded 1562 times (to date) with over 1.8 million sections viewed!


The success of the Gray’s Farm app along with the usage of the School Gateway has allowed us to make communication more efficient. In addition, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of money spent on text message communications by using the app for non-urgent communication and we have reduced the amount of letters sent out on paper, which helps toward protecting our environment.


In order to continue successful and effective future use of our app and to comply with new Apple and Android application regulations, our content delivery partner, Piota, are making some changes to how the app operates, for compliance with the new regulations the existing Gray’s Farm Primary Academy app is being decommissioned and will instead be hosted within the “Piota Schools” app, from here the app will look and behave exactly as it did before.


Please follow these steps to upgrade your app:


  1. Delete the existing Gray’s Farm Primary Academy App from your mobile or tablet device.
  2. Search for “Piota Schools” in the Apple app store or the Google Play store on Android devices and download the application on your device.
  3. Launch the app, you will be asked to enter the name of the school, Type “Gray’s Farm Primary Academy” into the search box. Our app will then open.
  4. Go to the Settings page of the app and in the Channels section select the groups you would like to join to be notified about news, events, information etc.
  5. On the Homepage of the app, click on the padlock at top right to register yourself.
  6. Next time you open the app it should go straight to our school and remember the settings you have entered as above
  7. Note: the design and features of the new app should look the same, except that the app logo and notification headings will be in the identity of “Piota Schools”