Posted on: June 10th 2019

This week at Gray's Farm - WB 10/06


Week Beginning: 10 June 2019


During this week, we will be looking at holidays and travel. The different kinds of holidays e.g. camping, caravan, day trips to the seaside, holidays abroad.  Talking about what clothes and items we take, how we keep safe in the sun and in the sea and lots more.

Please put on tapestry any recent holidays so the children can talk about their experiences. Thank you.


This week in Reception we are doing our final week on dinosaurs. We are going to be doing the book “Dinosaur Stomp.” We will be using improved language to describe settings and characters and apply their phonics.

In Maths we will be continuing to count in 2s and encourage the children to start counting in 10s.

On Tuesday 18th June we will be doing a picnic at the school. Parents are invited to come along! Letters will be going out also, please could you confirm attendance via the letter.


Year 1 will be writing our own stories about adventures at the seaside. We will be using 'and' as a conjunction to extend our sentences. In maths we are using different equipment such as numberlines and dienes cubes when we add and subtract in word problems. 


In Year 2 next week, we will be finishing our retelling of 'The Snail and the Whale' and writing about our school trip, using our English skills. In Maths, we will be looking at telling and writing the time to the nearest 5 minutes! Please could we remind all parents that Wellington boots need to be in Monday 10th and children need to have a packed lunch, water bottle and appropriate clothing for our school trip on Tuesday 11th. 


In Maths, we are going to revise the compact method to add and subtract two and three-digit numbers, the grid method to multiply; and last but not least, chunking to divide.

In English, we are going to use a range of language features to describe a character and a setting.


Maths: working on the four operations and word problems.
English: we are using exciting vocabulary and future tenses.


In maths we will be looking at calculation. Focusing particularly on column multiplication, long division and scaling.

In English we will continue to look at a short clip. Focusing on relative clauses and sentence openers.

We have received our caterpillars and are excited to watch them go through their process to becoming a butterfly.


This week in Year 6, we will be carrying out our own investigation into compression and tension. We will be using recycled materials and other resources to build a bridge that can hold a 1 kg bag of sugar.