Posted on: July 15th 2019

This week at Gray's Farm - WB 15/07


Week Beginning: 15 July 2019


This week the children will be consolidating their learning and looking at shape, number and phase 2 letter sounds  S, A , T, P I N. 

This will be the main focus until the end of the term. Please see notice board outside the nursery for daily updates and things you can do at home to support your children as they begin to transition to reception class.  


This is our final full week in Reception! This week we are going to be experiencing our first ever Year Six production! The children will have a chance to watch this during the day this week! On Wednesday with have our final afternoon class transition! The children will get to spend the afternoon with their new teacher! We will also be discussing what it will be like to be in Year One and compare it to what it is like in Reception!


In Maths we will be applying all of the skills we have learned this year to problem solving activities.

In English we will be writing sentences, using the skills we have been learning this year.

We will also be doing a spelling test on some of the spellings we have learned throughout the year.


This week, Year 2 will be busy writing narratives in English. We will be applying all the skills we have been taught over the year to create some wonderful stories. In maths, we will be revisiting statistics and analysing data, moving on to addition and subtraction, using dienes.


In Maths, we are going to revise our number facts (place value, comparing/ordering numbers and calculate using the 4 operations (+, -, x, ÷).

In English, we are going to write non-chronological reports about our Science and Topic themes.


Maths - we are focussing mathematical investigations and physical maths movement.

English- we are writing collaborative stories using year 4 English skills.


In maths we are revising topics we have covered over the year, particularly as word problem style questions.

In English we are have a debate around graffiti and writing our views on if we believe it is art or criminal damage.


Year 6 are excited to be performing to the Nursery on Monday. They have a whole school dress rehearsal on Tuesday and will be showcasing their talents to friends and family on Wednesday.