Posted on: September 16th 2019

This week at Gray's Farm


Week Beginning: 16 September 2019


We have now settled in our new children and they have done very well.

Our new topic will be based on a story called "we are going on a bear hunt. The children will be involved in telling the story, recall the sequence of events through singing and using musical instruments. We will be looking at comparing size the week.

Please ensure that you access tapestry and comment or like what your child has been doing this week.

If you have any questions please speak to one of the Early years Team.


This week in Reception we will be beginning our phase 2 phonics learning, starting with the letter sounds s, a and t. Our story focus will be on The Gruffalo - we will be retelling the story and describing the characters and in maths we will be focusing on matching numbers to the correct amounts and counting to 10.


This week, Year 1 be busy writing the story of Whatever Next. We will be sequencing pictures from the story and using our phonic knowledge to write words and turning them into main clauses.

In Maths, we will be looking at more and less, making amounts and working out what number is bigger and smaller.


In English next week, we will be adding adjectives to our nouns to make noun phrases and still remembering the ingredients we need for our main clause.

In Maths next week, we will be adding multiples of 10s and 2 digit numbers, using our dienes.


Year 3 will be focusing on:
In English using commas in a list.
In Maths telling the time for o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.


In English we will be learning to add fronted adverbials to our main clauses.

In maths we will be learning how to round and adjust numbers, use column addition to add 3 digit numbers and use the inverse operation successfully.

In science we will be continuing our investigation into finding out why our teeth are so important by using evidence from our experiment to conclude which drinks can be harmful to teeth.


Year 5 have got off to a great start! This week we will be continuing our work on main clauses and will be adding subordinating clauses and relative clauses to these. In Maths, we will be multiplying using column multiplication.

In Geography, we are learning about lines of latitude and longitude and in Science we will be investigating how the moon moves around the Earth.


This week, Year 6 will be using an image as a story stimulus in English. In Geography, we will be finding information about mountains.