Posted on: September 23rd 2019

This week at Gray's Farm - WB 23/09


Week Beginning: 23 September 2019


This week, we will continue our topic on the story  of "We're going on a Bear Hunt. The children will be learning prepositions, over, under and through.

We will be reinforcing this during our music and movement sessions that the children will now be taking part in.

On Friday 27th September we invite the children to take part in a Teddy Bears Picnic. Your child can bring in their favourite labelled  teddy or soft toy.


This week in Reception we will be learning the letter sounds p, i and n as well as recapping our sounds from last week s, a and t. Please carry on helping your child learn the words on their bookmark. In literacy we will be continuing our focus on the gruffalo and reading the gruffalos child.

In maths we will be continuing recognising and counting numbers 1-10, and then 1-20.


This week, in English we are still going to use our phonic knowledge to write words and turning them into main clauses.

In Maths, we are going to understand the meaning of the terms one digit, two digits, tens and ones.


In Maths, we will subtracting using our dienes.

In English, we will be using the 'and' and 'but' conjunction.


English: We are building on our knowledge of using commas in a list to include noun phrases within this as well. Also, we are writing our own stories about a little girl who journeys through the forest.

Maths: We are consolidating our year 2 knowledge on adding mentally.

Science: Next, we are looking at the different types of skeletons that animals have and identifying the differences between these.

Geography: We will be continuing to learn about the counties in the UK and are starting to compare their human and physical features.


Year 4 worked really hard last week and are looking forward to our Harvest Festival this week.

In English, this week they will be using all our learned skill so far this year to write  individual short stories.

In Maths, we will be using column method subtraction to answer a range of inverse challenges.

In science, we will be continuing our investigation into how important our teeth ere.

In Geography, we will be learning about the  5 invisible lines around the earth inc:  the Equator.


In Year 5, we will be learning how to multiply using the column method. In English, we will be writing a diary and narrative using all the skills we have been learning this term. In both Science and Geography, we are continuing to learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon.

We are looking forward to our Harvest festival on Wednesday (Don't forget to send in tomato items such as pasta sauce, passatta, etc)!

HELP NEEDED - would you be able to offer some of your time to come and read with the children in Year 5? We would love to have you come and support the progress of our children!


This week in Year 6, we will be writing in the role of a character in English. In Geography, we will learning how to use a six-figure grid reference.