Posted on: October 7th 2019

This week at Gray's Farm - WB 07/10


Week Beginning: 07 October 2019


The Gruffalo story is still the main focus this week in nursery. The children will be exploring size, for example the large Gruffalo, the small mouse.

The children will have the opportunity to explore mark making to the theme tune of the Gruffalo as it captures different feeling.

Forest School will continue with using sticks, leaves and mud to make homes for the mouse, the fox, the owl and the snake.

Please continue to put on tapestry all the wonderful things you do at home to help us support your child, the children really do enjoy sharing their experiences with their friends.


This week in Reception we will be learning the letter sounds o, c and k as well as recapping our sounds from last week. Please carry on helping your child read and write the words on their bookmark. In literacy out focus activities will change to ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and in maths we will be looking at matching the correct amount of objects to numbers and comparing groups.

All children have pink band books to access on Bug Club, any problems logging in please see your class teacher.


In English, we are going to start reading a new class book. Children will be able to describe the main character and create a missing poster using main clauses.

In Maths, we are going to understand that subtraction is taking away objects from a group.


In Maths next week, we will be dividing using arrays and bar model.

In English next week, we will be writing a diary entry in role, focusing on writing in 1st person and consolidating previous skills!


Maths: In maths, we are applying our learning on addition and subtraction with a lesson on missing number problems, such as ___ + 56 = 98 and 177 - ___ = 54 This is something the children find quite challenging so if you get a chance to practice similar questions with your child, we would really appreciate it!

English: We are combining our English and science work this week to write information leaflets about skeletons. Year 3 have really enjoyed learning about the different types of skeletons and it is going to be fun to show off all the facts we have learnt. Quiz them on their knowledge; you'll be surprised by how much they know.

Science: We will be revisiting our knowledge on the types of skeleton and we are moving onto looking at the muscles in the body.

Geography: In geography, we are going to be using the internet to research some of the physical features of Kent and other counties. This is going to help us compare some of the English's counties in our writing next week


What a lovely week year4 have had! They have worked very hard and really enjoyed our cake sale to raise funds for Macmillan.

This week we will be continuing our focus on calculation in within our maths work, specifically halving numbers and chunking in order to divide by 10.

In English we will be continuing our focus on subordinate clauses and learning to write in the first person context.


Year 5 will be writing about their Science and Geography topics in English this week. We will be using all our knowledge to explain what it would be like living on the moon and observing Earth from outer space.

In Maths, we are investigating both 2D and 3D shape as well as working on our rapid recall of our 4 times tables.

We are continuing our Science and Geography topics, looking at how to use an eight point compass and consolidating our learning on the phases of the moon


This week in Year 6, we will be carrying out an experiment to investigate how animals that live in very cold climates keep warm. In English, we will be looking at the features of a newsletter.