Posted on: October 9th 2019

Grown at Gray's Farm!


Earlier on in the year, the children of Gray's Farm, along with the guidance of Mrs Neale, planted some vegetables in our edible gardens. They have kept an eye on how well they were growing and last week, the vegetables were finally ready to be harvested. We managed to successfully grow carrots, lettuces and beetroots (albeit there were some very unique  and unusual shaped vegetables).


The children harvested the vegetables last week and this week have been actively involved in preparing them to be used in our kitchen.


The lettuces were used in the salads served at lunch time, the carrots were used in the Sweet and Sour chicken dish and yesterday, the beetroot was used to make a chocolate cake. The children have enjoyed being involved in all steps of the growing process and absolutely loved serving everyone their finished culinary dishes yesterday lunch time. We cannot wait to get planting some more this space.