Posted on: November 4th 2019

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 04/11


Week Beginning: 04 November 2019


Our new topic in nursery this week will be based around the story called "Whatever Next" by Jill Murphy.

Through our group times we will be talking about friendships and being kind, what can we do to look after our world. Making  models from junk boxes.

If you do have any size boxes at home we would love to recycle them into rockets.
Please look at the board in the garden area for weekly and daily updates.

We are so pleased to see more parents access tapestry, the children really do like to share their experiences with their friends. Please keep them coming.


This week in reception our book focus is the three little pigs. We will be looking at different materials and which are best to build a house with. We will also be recapping all sounds we have learnt in phonics as well as learning h, b and f. In maths we will be focusing on recognising numbers and talking about numbers that will come next in a number line.


In English, we are going to write main clauses to decide how our superhero is going to save the day.

In Maths, we are going to count in 5s and 10s using objects and pictorial.


In Maths this week, the children will be adding and subtracting using their dienes.

In English this week,  the children will be looking at the suffix 'ed' and loking at the rules for this suffix. 


Maths: It's time to learn about time again! We will be looking at roman numerals to 12 and telling the time in the digital format this week. 

English: We are continuing with our story book this week even though we still don't know the name of the book! We will be using preposition (next to, below, above, opposite etc.) in our writing. Also, we are exploring how we add ed and ing to root words as we are still finding this quite tricky. 

Curriculum: After our assessments last week, we are starting our science topic on Rocks, Soils and Fossils this week and our History work on the Stone Age to the Iron Age. We have lots of fun, new curriculum topics this term including music, art and a new indoor PE curriculum, which we are looking forward to teaching.


We have had a lovely start to the term and the children have settled back into their learning patterns very nicely. 

This week in maths, we will be learning how to calculate measurement using conversion methods.

In English, we will be concentrating on specific homophones within our writing whilst using our on going skills to produce more imaginative pieces or work.
In science we will  start our investigations into the digestive system within the human body. 

We will also begin our topic about the Romans. 

The children have been asked to produce a piece of work, big or small, to be displayed within the classroom. This can be a drawing, a piece of writing , a model or something even more imaginative - we have left it up to them!


In English, we will be looking at an extract from a book and using our skills to improve the piece. In Maths, we are learning about fractions for the first time this term. We will be comparing and ordering fractions as well as looking at decimal equivalents for the fractions.


We are looking at the history of the Mayans and where they lived, in History. In Science we are proving what we already know about Forces.


Don't forget to pay for the upcoming school trip and let Miss Taylor or Mrs Marlow know if you are able to offer help. We will be drawing the names at the end of this week (8.11.19).


This wee in Year 6, we will be learning about how crime was punished during the Roman times. In science, we will be using the scientific symbols and creating a working circuit.