Posted on: February 3rd 2020

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 03/02


Week Beginning: 03 February 2020


Our new topic over the coming weeks is based around the story of the Three little pigs.
The children will be focusing on the sequence of the story, building homes using sticks, straw and bricks. They will be making predictions and testing out those predictions relating to which materials needed to make the strongest house. We would like to invite parents in to be our guest story teller, so if you are interested please see one of the Early Years Team


This week in Reception we are changing our theme to 'People Who Help Us' and reading the book 'Officer George'. We will be talking about people who help us and how we can help others. We will also continue to look at how we can be superheroes ourselves and help our environment by putting our rubbish in the bin, recycling and turning off the lights! In Maths we are continuing to learn how to subtract 1 less and moving onto subtracting single digit numbers. In Phonics we are learning the sounds ow, oi and ear (cow, coin, year).


In English, we are going to travel to Northern Ireland and look at the legend of the Giant's Causeway. Children will plan and use main clauses to retell the story.

In Maths, children will have practical lessons where they will understand that capacity means how much space there is and describe this space using words like full, empty, more than, less than, half full and quarter full. We are also going to compare weight and mass using words like light, heavy,  lighter than and heavier than.


In Maths, we will be looking at money z we will be recognising different coins, finding different ways to make a total and finding change of an amount. 

In English, we will be doing letter writing. Our focus for this will be using different sentence types - statements, questions and exclamations. 

* Reminder for Tuesday 4th February - please can children bring in old clothing (top and bottom) that you wouldn't mind getting dirty for our science investigation 


In English the children will be  consolidating all the skills they have been working on; fronted adverbials, adverbs and expanded noun phrases in an extended piece of descriptive writing.

In Maths the children will be finding tenths of an amount or object and ordering fractions.




English - the children are doing writing around finding a new frog species in Mexico. They will be writing a letter to a university explain what we have found and an explanation text abut the new frog.

Maths - The children are looking at graphs. Particularly, line graphs.

Friday - some of the children in year 5 have been invited to a Maths workshop at Chislehurst School for Girls. The children not going will be taking part in interactive maths games.


This week in Year 6, we will be continuing with our class book, The Journey. In maths, we will be getting ‘arithmetic test’ ready.