Posted on: October 12th 2020

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 12/10


Week Beginning: 12 October 2020


We shall continue with our story topic the Selfish Crocodile. The main for the children will be talking about healthy eating, exploring what is good and bad for our teeth  what we use our teeth for and making fruit kebabs in our Cookery club. 

Please check board as always outside nursery for daily updates. 


This week in Reception we will be learning about squares, triangles, circles and rectangles as well as continuing our topic of minibeasts. We will be making shape pictures, sorting shapes and learning facts about the different creatures that live in our garden. Just a reminder that the children finish school at 3pm. 


In Maths Year 1 will be putting objects into groups of 2 so that they can count them efficiently in 2s.

In English we will be orally retelling and writing the story of 'Goldilocks and just the one bear'.


In maths, we are recapping the calculation strategies we have learnt this term. The children have worked so hard on them so far and have learnt so much!

For English, we are starting a new unit of work on using the past tense consistently and correctly, with the correct spelling of past tense verbs. Some of these are tricky! Hop = hopped, cry - cried etc.

In science, we will be continuing to observe our plants to see if the variables we changed have affected how the plants grow.

In Geography, we will be doing a piece of writing to showcase what we have learnt this year so far.


Working on non-fiction in English.  Identifying features of a non fiction text and completing their own leaflet.

In Maths we will write and calculate mathematical statements for multiplication using the multiplication tables that they know, including for two-digit numbers times one-digit numbers, using mental methods. 


This week in English , Year 4 will be learning how to write using first person pronouns and in the present tense using our focus text. 

In maths we will be revisiting multiplication skills to include factorising, column multiplication and the use of doubling, x 9 and x 11. 

In Geography we will be continuing to look at the 3 zones of the Earth and discover the types of animals who live in each zone. 


In year 5 this week, we are working around a new book. In maths, we will be learning formal methods for division and we are finishing our science and geography topics.


In English, we are learning how to use speech (to move a story forward) and the relevant punctuation. During guided reading, we will be using the poem - A Night With a Wolf.

As part of our science, we are identifying how plants have adapted to their environment.