Posted on: October 19th 2020

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 19/10


Week Beginning: 19 October 2020


This is the last full week before half term so we shall be working on our new story topic of the book

 We’re going on a pumpkin hunt“ 

Children will be using shapes to make their own pumpkin, recognising and ordering pumpkin numbers, helping to scoop out the centre of the pumpkins,  counting seeds and making their own pumpkin potions. 

Please check board outside nursery for updates


This week, we will be having a DT week and will be designing our very own toy. We will have the chance to design, make and try it out. We can't wait to share it with you!! In Literacy, we will be using the story, 'Don't Hog the Hedge!' We will be making predictions, writing initial sounds and some of us will even write words. In maths, we will be working on our counting & 1:1 counting with both movable and fixed objects


In Maths we will be consolidating everything we have learned this term and will be doing assessments to identify next steps.

In English we will be applying all of the skills we have learned this term to write about our learning in Science, Geography and R.E.

Thank you for your support this term and we hope you have a happy and safe half term break.


In maths and English this week, we are assessing the children again to see what they have learnt this year and to help us plan for next term. 


We are linking our Science and writing lessons this week to write an advert for a snail's habitat - the garden and their microhabitat - the bushes. We are looking forward to seeing how persuasive the children can be in their descriptions! Our English focus will be noun phrases and our science focus is the children showing an understanding of habitats. 


It's DT week and we will be making moving dinosaurs using an z lever. We will be exploring, designing, making and then evaluating our designs. It should be lots of fun! 


In Maths we will be working on division using the corresponding multiplication tables that they know and using mental methods to divide. 

In English we will be using what we have been learning this term, main clauses, conjunctions and commas in a list in our work.


This week in Year 4 we will be continuing to develop our multiplication skills in maths and applying these into different real-life contexts. We will be using our knowledge of different methods to identify the most effective method to use for each of the given problems. In English, we will be using our sentence skills to write texts linked to our science and geography units. As part of our reading, we will be learning about Rosa Parks and why she is such a significant person that deserves to be celebrated. We are really looking forward to our DT work this week and designing our own Amazing Machines using Cams. Please continue to support your child at home and listen to them read every night. If you haven't yet contacted us for a parent's evening appointment please do so at your earliest convenience. 


This week in Year 5, we are finishing our work around The Tin Forest. In Maths, we will be learning about geometry with a focus on 3D shapes and we are excited to be starting our DT project.


It's an exciting end to year six this half term as we are finishing as we began with some SATS tests - we know that everyone will be amazing. 

In English, we are starting a new book - Pumpkin Jack, we will be continuing with this after half-term. 

This week is DT week and we will be making things that move - watch this space!