Posted on: July 12th 2021

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 12/07


Week Beginning: 12 July 2021


Hello shipmates, This week we will continue our theme on pirates, focusing on floating and sinking and taking part in problem solving games to find the key to the treasure chest. On Wednesday we shall be having a pirate party, your child can dress as pirates or something  in stripy ( no swords please) . If you are feeling really adventurous you could design a pirate tee shirt. 


This week in reception we are continuing with our learning on ‘Castles and Knights’. We will be focusing on what knights wore and labelling their armour. We will also be making up and writing our own stories about knights and princesses. 


 In Maths the children will be revisiting methods for solving subtractions and will be calculating change. For example, I have a 10p coin. I spend 6p. How much change will I get? What could the coins be?

In English we are thinking about our time in Year 1. We will be writing about what we would do if we were Prime Minister for a day, and making a fact sheet about a mammal.

Thank you for all of your support throughout a very challenging year. We could not have come this far without you all


Maths: It is recap week this week so we are revisiting some of the areas we still find difficult, including shapes, partitioning numbers, time and fractions. 

Writing: We are planning and writing a History and Science piece of writing to showcase what we have learnt this term. 


This week Year 3 will be:

In Maths looking at statistics and how we present data and turns.

In English we are retelling a narrative using the skills we have worked on in Year 3; expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, conjunctions and inverted commas.


In Maths next week, Year 4 will be revisiting statistics, especially bar graphs, where the children will be collecting and presenting their own data.  In English, we will be learning about The Invictus Games.  We will then be looking at acrostic poems and coming up with our own poems, using our knowledge of the paralympics.  In History, we will be looking at the last remaining monarchs in the House of Stuarts.


This week, Year 5 are looking forward to being Victorian children for the day. From namd inspections to drills, we will be spending the day in our own Ragged Classroom. In English, we will be continuing our work around child and we are solving problems involving area and perimeter in maths.


This week in year six we will be learning about the Invictus games. We will be completing our history topic and trying to decide who we consider to have the most power. 

On Thursday, we will be finding out our teams for the Fun Days.

All children will need to wear their PE kits on Tuesday as we are holding our year six sport's day. 

Remember, all year six children are invited to a free leaver's breakfast on Thursday, which will be run by the breakfast club.