Posted on: November 2nd 2021

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 2/11


Week Beginning: 2nd November 2021


Our new story is based around the book of the Gruffalo. Many of you know the story, but if you do not know, look at the front cover carefully and come up with what you think the book might be about.  

In particular we shall be concentrating on the music that symbolises each new character. The story begins in the deep dark woods………..

Our music and movement/ PE sessions are Monday for morning children and Thursday for the afternoon children . 


In Reception this week we are going to be finding out all about the festival of Diwali through the story of Rama & Sita.  We are also going to be learning about Firework night and making our own firework pictures.  We will be thinking about how to be safe around fireworks.  In Maths we will be looking at Rangoli patterns and finding out how to make them.  We will also be looking at repeating patterns that use 2 shapes, colours or objects.


The first week back, in Maths, we are going to look at the value of each digit in a two-digit number and we will compare numbers (more/less).

In English we are going to look at a new book, Dogger. It is a story about a little boy who lost his favourite soft toy. We are going to think about his feelings throughout the story. Towards the end of the week, we are going to write a diary entry about the day when Dogger went missing using main clause sentences.

Our PE days for Term 2 will be on Wednesday and Thursday.


In Writing this week, we will be recapping on our previously taught Autumn 1 skills to refresh our memories before moving onto new skills. We will be recapping on writing a main clause and making sure we have used the correct ingredients e.g. subject and verb, including noun phrases within our writing to make it more interesting for the reader and also recapping on using our 'and' and 'because' conjunctions to joining 2 clauses together.

In Maths this week, we will be focusing on place value. We will be looking at partitioning whole numbers into 2 parts, estimating where numbers go on a number line and finding the links using our number bond knowledge to help us answer addition number sentences. 

This half term in History, we will be answering the key question: ' who were the greatest explorers?'. We will be focusing on 3 significant individuals and comparing what was similar and what was different about their expedition, the clothes they wore and how they travelled. 

This half term in Science, we will be answering the key question 'who eats who?'. We will be focusing on living, non-living and never lived, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and also food chains. 

Our PE days have changedWednesday is now Indoor PE with Miss Wallington/ Miss Gillies/ Miss Martin and Friday is now Outdoor PE with Mr Morris. 


Welcome back!

This week in year 3 we are learning about place value in maths. We will be finding 10/100 more and less than a number as well as using a number line to plot numbers.

In English, we are going to be learning about Remembrance day. We will also be using the skill of using a comma in a list.

A polite reminder that on Friday 5th November we will be having of Egyptian WOW day. We are inviting the children to dress up as Ancient Egyptians however this is NOT compulsory for them. 


In Maths, Year 4 will be rounding numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.  We will be looking at the place value of each digit in a four-digit number (including decimal values) and multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.  In English, we will be working on modifying expanded noun phrases.

We will be starting our new History topic The Ancient Greeks.  In Science, we will be learning about the digestive system.  PE lessons will be on Tuesday and Thursday so please remember to come into school in your PE kits (white t-shirt, black joggers and black trainers or plimsolls).


This week, Year 5 will be revising place value and the four operations in maths. In English, we  are developing our setting descriptions so that a reader can picture the setting that we are writing about. We will be starting our new History topic (Ancient Maya) and will be learning about forces in our Science lessons. 

Our PE sessions will now be on Wednesday and Friday.


Year six PE is on a Monday and a Thursday.

This week we will be starting our History topic on Crime and Punishment and in Science we will be making circuits.

In English, we will be carrying out work around the book Pumpkin Jack. 



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