Posted on: March 31st 2022

Year 4 - Let's Get Cooking


We appreciate that learning how to cook is a crucial life skill and one that enables children to feed themselves healthy, varied meals affordably, now and later on in life. The National Curriculum states that children should be taught how to cook and apply the principles of nutrition and healthy eating. In an attempt to prepare our children for life beyond Gray’s Farm, we have redesigned our Let’s Get Cooking programme so that every child from years 4 to 6 will participate across the year. Previously we could only offer this programme to a select handful of children each term, however, we are now excited that everyone in those year groups will have the opportunity to get involved. These weekly sessions will be conducted within a small group and fully led by staff, alongside our school chef Mrs Broomfield during the school day in accordance with a rigorous risk assessment. This programme is completely free and funded by the school. 


Each week, a small group of children will develop their culinary skills and learn how to cook 1-2 healthy, low-cost dishes using the same main ingredients that week. Across the course of the term, each group will visit the kitchen twice and learn to cook 2-4 meals in total. This hands-on cooking programme enables the children to explore new tastes, create delicious healthy dishes on a budget, learn about other cultures and the basic principles of food hygiene. All recipes will also be shared and sent home so that you can recreate them at home if you choose to. For any children with food allergies, are vegetarian or have other dietary requirements, alternative options have been considered and will be provided in an allocated week to ensure there is no contamination of meats or foods.


Throughout the Summer Term, both year 4 classes will be participating in the Let’s Get Cooking programme. Sessions will take place on a Tuesday afternoon, with a different group attending each week. Please contact your child’s class teacher if they have an allergy that you haven’t already made the school aware of or if you have any questions.

When children eat better, they do better. By inspiring children to learn to cook and enjoy good food, we hope to give them the confidence and skills they need to get hands-on in the kitchen and make healthier food choices throughout their lives. We hope that your child will enjoy getting confident in the kitchen and taking part in our Let’s Get Cooking programme.