Posted on: June 6th 2022

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 6th June


Week Beginning: 6th June 2022


Welcome back, we hope you had some great family time and are ready to take on our new story topic,  Elmer the Elephant.

It is about an elephant who learns how to form positive relationships and accepts  others. Children will be encouraged to work together to find ways of solving simple problems. We will be exploring animals in the wild and looking at camouflage. Please check the board outside the nursery for updates.


In Reception this week the children will be finding out all about life in another country and comparing it to life here. They will be making their own maps of the school and maps of the other country. In Maths the children will be revising their knowledge of number bonds to and within 5 and to and within 10.


In Maths we will be learning about tens and units, finding out how many tens and units are in any number up to 100. We will also be ordering and comparing numbers.

In English we will be writing main clauses around our story book 'The Paper Bag Princess'.

Our PE days will be on Wednesday and Friday.


Welcome back - we hope you all have a restful half term!

This week, we will be recapping on our previously taught skills in English. We will be recapping expanded noun phrases and conjunctions. We will also be looking at apostrophes for possession!

This week, we will be looking at statistics in Maths. We will be reading data from given charts, constructing our own tally chart, pictogram and bar chart. We will also be answering questions linked to the specific graph we're focusing on that day. 

This half term we will be looking at these key questions during our curriculum topics:

- Science -  What do we need to survive?

- History - Who runs England?

- R.E - How do different religions celebrate births?


Welcome back year 3!! We hope you've had a lovely break! This week we are back with a bang and will be starting our new topics of The Tudors and Forces and Motion. Just a reminder that you should be bringing in your Book Reviews as well to be entered into the competition. PE Days for this term will be Tuesday & Wednesday.


This term Year 4 will be investigating electricity and learning about The Stuarts.

In Maths we will be solving number and practical problems that involve all elements of Place Value/Number covered throughout the year.

- Ordering decimals in the context of money
- Halving odd numbers and understanding where 0.5 is on a number line and how it relates to 1/2

In English we will be using the skills we have covered throughout the year to write in role.


This week, in year 5 we are refining our place value skills in maths, using them in real-life scenarios. In English, the children will be using relative clauses with and without the relative pronoun to add extra, interesting information to their writing. We are really looking forward to starting our history topic 'The Victorians' and planning a Victorian day later in the term. 


This week in year six, we will be looking at a book called 'Journey' and describing the different lands we come across. We are very excited to be starting swimming this week too. 



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