Posted on: June 13th 2022

This week at Grays Farm - W/B 13th June


Week Beginning: 13th June 2022


This week in nursery we shall continue our story topic of Elmer the Elephant. We will be exploring colour changes, light and dark and how some colours might make us feel e.g. yellow for happy, green for calm.  We have already had some amazing discussions about how different and special we all are. Please check the board outside the nursery for daily updates. Thank you


In Reception this week, the children will be reading the story of 'Fatou, Fetch the Water' and finding out all about another country. They will be comparing Fatou's village to our own town to find the differences and similarities. In Maths, the children will be revisiting finding half of a number or shape.


In English, we are going to look at the story of the Queen's hat. Children will be writing a diary entry explaining where the Queen had to chase after her hat using main clauses, conjunctions and noun phrases.

In Maths, we are going to add and subtract numbers using an empty number line. We will be looking at a mixture of addition and subtraction word problems to practise our problem solving skills.


In Maths this week, we will be focusing on telling and drawing the time to the nearest 15 minutes and 5 minutes. We will also be introducing the children to time word problems e.g. It started to rain at 11am. The rain stopped after 1 hour. What time did it stop raining? 

In English this week, we will be finishing our book called Ravi's Roar. We will be focusing on asking question sentences in the role of Ravi during a diary entry task. 

Reminder: Our school trip is this Friday (17th)! 

- we will be leaving at 9am prompt!

- Children will need to be dressed appropriately for the weather e.g. sun hats/ sun cream if it's sunny/ raincoats if it's raining. 

  - Children need to wear their school jumper/ cardigan/ t-shirt

- Children can wear comfortable trousers e.g. leggings or jogging bottoms (please be aware that they may get dirty).

- Children will need to wear appropriate footwear e.g. trainers (please be aware that they may get dirty).

- If your child has wellington boots, please can they bring them too in a named carrier bag. 

- Children will need to bring a packed lunch and water bottle. 

If you have any questions about our trip, please speak to the class teacher or teaching assistant. 


As we near the end of the School Year, we are beginning to re- visit some of the learning we have already undertaken to brush up our skills!  This week in Maths we will be concentrating on brushing up on our multiplication and division skills.

In English, we will be practising writing at length using  all the punctuation skills we have learned so far. We will continue reading Evie and the Animals to do this. 

In History, we will be learning all about King Henry VIII this week. We will be investigating what it would have been like to live during his reign within the Tudor period. 

In science, we will be continuing our topic on Forces using balanced and unbalanced forces as a base for our learning. 

PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday


This week, in Maths, Year 4 will be interpreting and presenting discrete and continuous data using bar charts and time (line) graphs.   In English, we will be using persuasive language to write a letter regarding water conservation.  In Science, we will be investigating how water evaporates.


This week in Year 5, we are looking forward to starting a new class book. We will be writing character descriptions using powerful vocabulary to create an image in the mind of the reader. In maths, we are fine tuning our calculation skills and using a variety of strategies to effectively solve problems.  


This week in Year six we will be beginning our journey around the rainforest. We will learn about the four layers that make up the rainforest and the Animals and plants that live there. In In science we will be learning about our circulatory system.



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