Posted on: July 4th 2022

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 4th July


Week Beginning: 13th June 2022


We have enjoyed learning about under the sea and now it's taken us in the direction of Pirates and Mermaid/mermen. We shall be sharing what they think being a pirate may look like and during our circle time asking them how they would feel if someone took something of theirs.

Children will have an opportunity of making treasure maps and counting gems or gold coins. Please see the board for updates located outside the nursery gate.


In Reception this week the children are starting to explore a new topic around the ocean and under the sea. They will be using the story of 'Commotion in the Ocean' to find out all about the creatures who live under the sea. In Maths, they children will be continuing to find out about making groups of numbers and objects.


In Maths, we are going to find halves and quarters of a number. Later in the week, we are also going to read and write times to o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to if we are confident enough.

In English, we are going to watch a short film 'Taking flight', which we will use to inspire our writing. We will be using emotive language, plan a diary entry and write main clauses using conjunctions, noun phrases and all the basic skills we have learnt this year to describe our adventure.

KS1 Sports Day will be taking place on Thursday 7th July in the morning. There will be more information sent about it from Mr Morris.


Maths: Next week, we are exploring money. We will be finding different ways to make an amount of money and we will be looking at word problems and reasoning questions with multiple steps, drawing together their knowledge of money and addition and subtraction. 

English: We are writing our own stories this week based on the story "There's no dragon in this story". 

Sports day is on Thursday this week! Please ensure children come in in their PE kits and have water bottles with them. 


This week in Maths we will use our practical skills to revisit geometry and measure. 

In English we will be concentrating on using our stamina when writing a narrative. 

In History we will be analysing Elizabeth 1 and discussing her qualities and deciding if these made her a good Monarch. 

In Science. the children will continue to learn about air resistance. 


This week in Year 4 we will be collecting data in a tally and displaying it in a graph. We are also fine tuning our data analysis skills; focusing on differences and comparisons. In English, we will be using our amazing vocabulary to describe a detailed setting, creating a clear image in the mind of the reader. We are looking forward to learning more about the Stuarts and will be studying the Great Fire of London in history this week.


Year 5 are going to be reviewing the tests that we completed this week and seeing how we could have answered the questions, in both English and Maths. In History, we will be looking at how children were made to work in the Victorian times. In Science we will be seeing if our investigations into making the biggest eruption, using coke and mentos, will be successful. We are also really looking forward to our sports day on Friday!


This week in year 6, we will be continuing looking at the roles of the Monarch and the Prime Minister. We have created our sea creatures from modroc and are now waiting for them to dry so that we can paint them. 



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