PE and Sports Grant 15-16 - Gray's Farm Primary Academy

PE and Sports Grant 15-16

Grant for Gray’s Farm Primary Academy Year
2015 – 2016: £9715

Total number of FT pupils on role 406


Summary of Grant spending 2015-16


To effectively use the Sports Grant to improve the provision of PE, sport and physical activity across school, for the benefit of the pupils so that they develop healthy life styles

To improve the delivery of PE across all areas of the school

To develop the teaching and planning of gymnastics, dance and games


Planned expenditure 2015-16

Objective Activity Cost
To develop improved teacher planning for gymnastics, dance and game based sessions. PE coaches to work with and support teaching across all areas of curriculum – independent teacher planning to improve as a result of this interaction and input. £6400
To improve warm up and cool down strategies for the teaching of PE sessions. PE coach to model a range of activities and highlight elements of good practise that need to be followed to complete an effective beginning and end of the task. £6400
To improve the main input of teacher sessions and increase pace and progression of skills. PE coach is leading and showing teachers how the PE session can be set up so that it runs a safely and effectively to promote skill progression through a series of different unit tasks. £6400
To provide football clubs for Yr3 to Year R children Football coach partially paid for to cover the last bit of cost of running 2 1 hour weekly clubs. £10 pound a week
Gray’s Farm to be part of a Football league with new kits Allow pupil to take sport outside of school and feel pride for playing on behalf of Gray’s Farm. Kit also given to each child £550
To invest in new PE equipment to improve and develop gymnastics further. After investing time in PE teaching we have identified a range of resources that would improve and enhance our teaching and delivery of PE further. £1000
ProKick An inter competition where children competed against each other for the fastest kick. It was run by a charity.It also provided further inter-competition opportunities in the school for all ages from Reception to Year 6. £876
Skip2bfit Workshop Another inter competition, this time through skipping. Children skipped for two minutes in order to beat their score of a total number of skips that they have completed. This now offers extra opportunities for skipping throughout the school and is used in every PE warm up to enable children to improve on their overall fitness. Also, children use skipping at lunchtime and break times. £620


Impact on the school through the use of the funding

Problem Solution Impact
Some teachers still have low confidence when teaching PE due to a lack of subject knowledge and experience. JG Play ED to continue. Teachers to observe coach every week to gain confidence. Coach will send the plan after the lesson so that the following teacher can teach it. These plans will be used the following year for teachers to use independently. Enhanced confidence in PE. Teachers feel more confident to deliver PE lessons independently and successfully after observing outstanding practise.
A restricted curriculum taught due to subject knowledge i.e. more outdoor PE than dance/gymnastics due to individual teacher’s strengths. Set subjects in PE per term for all year groups – Gymnastics in the first term, Dance, Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Athletics. Children have a wider access to all sports and PE types. This is for all year groups.
Minimal access to detailed planning in order to enhance teachers confidence levels in PE. Sports coach to teach PE for teachers to observe. Alternate teacher to teach the follow up lesson from coach’s plans. A bank of plans provided for teachers to edit and cater to their own class’ needs.  Teachers are now planning their own PE lessons confidently using what they have learnt from the observed lessons.
Little or no access to sport after school clubs due to availability and lack of experienced staff. A greater emphasis on clubs in 2015 – 2016 ( see club list). Teachers to offer a wider range of Sports club at the school. Higher amounts of children entering clubs. Children have access to a wider range of sports both in and after school in our clubs. Every child who applied for a club got into one of their choices.
No outer competitions being entered in the school. Enter children into outer competitions as organised by the borough. Football Autumn 1 & 2. Netball Spring 1 & 2. Children are involved in more competitions playing for their school, gaining confidence and experience with this.
No inner competitions being entered in the school. Plans to be made for Spring and Summer 2016 to compete against classes in a variety of sports – benchball, Netball Football etc. Children are more involved and have a greater confidence when it comes to playing as part of a team.
Wanting to increase the amount of sports at lunchtimes played in the playground. Giving children access to a variety of games. Lunchtime leaders trained by teachers to lead sports games at lunchtime. This varies from netball, football to craze of the week such as skipping where the Y5/Y6 children lead competitions.

Much happier children at lunchtimes throughout the school. Sport is celebrated throughout the school and encouraged wherever possible. Year 5/6 children supporting running clubs. 

Bored children at playtimes due to lack of playtime equipment (sports based). Purchased new equipment for every class including Frisbees, skipping ropes and small foam balls. Children happier at playtimes due to the new equipment given to them. They are making the most of using their new equipment and less incidents occur.