Headteacher's Cup

Every week a child from each year group is presented with the Headteacher's cup for their hard work and good behaviour in class. See below for the latest Headteacher's cup winners!

Awarded 17 January 2020:

Name   Year Reason


Dylan R

His amazing writing and positive attitude towards learning.

Emily Emily 1

Always trying her best and always making the right choices.

Phoebe Phoebe 2

Being a perfect role model to all and always putting in a 110% effort.

Mason Mason 3

Always having a positive attitude and being sensible to look after himself


Jasmine 4

Her improved attitude within Maths and her perseverance with her writing – which has really shown in her improved work.

Shay Shay 5

Mastering long division and putting the extra effort into his work!


Leila 6

Always working hard, always being a good role model and always making me smile.