Posted on: September 29th 2022

Harvest Festival

Harvest festival picture

This year the children will be considering the ‘giving’ side of harvest and exploring the fundamental impact foodbanks can have for many families. We will be supporting the Bromley Borough Foodbank. We have been nominated as a hot drink school and have been asked to donate items such as jars of instant coffee (caffeinated or decaf)/sachets of flavoured coffee/jars of hot chocolate/flavoured hot chocolate sachets/malted drinks (Horlicks etc.)/tea bags (caffeinated or decaf)/fruit teas/cup-a-soup sachets and UHT milk.

Any donation is greatly welcomed and received - please send donations in with your child to their classroom, throughout the week of Monday 3rd October to Thursday 6th October 2022. In the past, your generosity has always amazed us and as a school we are proud to support our local foodbank. The food that is donated really makes a positive difference to local families and individuals in need of support feeding themselves and their children. All food donated should be well within date and in its original packaging.



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