PE at Gray’s Farm

At Gray’s Farm we adopt a child-centred approach to physical education which gives control of learning to our children. This approach gives responsibility and ownership of their learning back to our children, this empowers them to take control of their own learning which boosts their resilience and self-esteem.

From EYFS through to KS2 we focus upon 6 key learning areas across the academic year (1 every half term) with physical activity being used as a vehicle to support our children to develop these key learning areas. The key learning areas develop incrementally across the years to ensure all children develop all the relevant skills required to flourish. Fundamental movement skills (based around agility, balance and co-ordination) are used as the physical activities to support the key areas of learning. These are the “building blocks” for more complex and specialised skills that our children will need throughout their lives to competently participate in different games, sports and recreational activities.

6 key learning areas

Our indoor and outdoor physical education lessons are designed to complement each other focusing on the same key learning area just in an alternative way. This enables children to build upon their previous learning at their own pace.

Our vision is to equip all our children with the skills they need to become life-long learning specialist (not just sport specialists) who have both an understanding and have a positive relationship with physical activity.

Physical Activity During School Closure

During school closure we have promoted physical activity by doing the following:

  • Children have been given access to the home learning section of Jasmine (our physical activity platform used at school). The themes and videos carry on the development of fundamental movement skills taught in school. You can access the platform by clicking here and logging on using the details your teacher has provided you.
  • A range of alternative physical activities can be found below 
  • Children were issued with their own skipping ropes to practise and develop their agility skills at home. Further information about how to begin skipping and develop your skipping can be found here (link to skipping resource pdf).
  • We have developed a home version of the 10-minute challenge that children are familiar with. This can be accessed here (link to 10-minute challenge resource pdf).
  • A daily physical activity challenge has been issued to all children. Children get 3 attempts throughout the day to complete a short activity and record their best result.

Activities to try at home

Alphabet Dice Cointoss




Pickandmix Peactivities Links




Skipping 10minute 10minute


10 MIN

10 MIN