Welcome to the Gray's Farm Primary Academy e-Safety centre. This is a central hub for parents to get advice and tips for keeping their children online. Browse down the left hand side for information, below is a brief explanation on e-Safety at Gray's Farm.


What is e-safety?

e-Safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Gray's Farm Primary Academy. The internet is an important part of everyday life for education, business and social interaction, we at Gray's Farm encourage the children to use the internet as part of their education, it aids their ability to research information and solve problems on their own. It's essential that children are educated on safe use of the internet and how to report anything that they may feel uncomfortable with.

What's done in school?

In school the internet access is monitored for all staff and students and any inappropriate websites are blocked from being accessed by the ICT technician. If staff or students have any concerns regarding a website that is unblocked it can be blocked as a precaution. The school's firewall is maintained by Atomwide who have a team regularly reviewing new websites to ensure they are categorised corrected. Any e-safety concerns that arise inside the school are escalated to the e-safety coordinator or the designated child protection officer.

At home?

With mobile devices making internet access all the more easier for children it's harder than ever to keep them safe online. Whilst children are educated in school about the dangers of the internet it is essential that parents speak to their children about how to keep safe online and what they should do if they come across something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

The school will be running e-safety workshops with parents to provide more information on e-safety and what steps can be taken to ensure they are safe online. If you have any concerns please speak to your child's teacher or the school office.