Headteacher's Cup

Every week a child from each year group is presented with the Headteacher's cup for their hard work and good behaviour in class. See below for the latest Headteacher's cup winners!

Awarded 19 January 2018:

Name   Year Reason


Awarded 12 January 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Darcie Darcie 1 For always smiling and having a positive attitude to her learning.
Alina Alina 2 For always bringing a positive attitude to school and for consistently making the right choice.
Keeley Keeley 3 For putting so much effort into all areas of her learning.
Fariaan Fariann 4 For being an excellent role model, who always follows the Gray's Farm 5.
Iesha   5 For improving her writing through taking on board any feedback and therefore creating great pieces of writing.
Archie Archie 6 For maintaining a positive attitude and alaways trying his best.