Headteacher's Cup

Every week a child from each year group is presented with the Headteacher's cup for their hard work and good behaviour in class. See below for the latest Headteacher's cup winners!

Awarded 15 June 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Layla Layla R Always getting on with things and getting excellent results.


Ronnie2 2 Being a supportive friend to his class mates.
Alexia Alexia 3 Improved confidence and determination in Maths.
  4 Changing his attitude and trying his best in Maths and English.
Ronnie Ronnie 5 Always following the Gray’s Farm Five and working hard in Maths!
Stacia Stacia 6 Extreme bravery when her confidence was slipping.

Awarded 08 June 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Sian Sian 1 Always shows a positive attitude to her learning and follows the Gray's Farm 5!


Zac 2 For pushing himself by using descriptive phrases in English.


Tyler 3 For brilliant ideas in literacy and making me feel very welcome.
Bonnie Bonnie 4 For her amazing change of attitude towards learning. Keep it up.
Baris   5 For showing excellent maturity and teamwork in P.E.
Melanie Melanie 6 For always making the right choice and being a perfect ambassador for our school. Well done!

Awarded 25 May 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Louie Louie R For always doing the right thing and being SO enthusiastic, especially with his writing.
Kareem Kareem 1 For a big change in his effort and attitude which has really improved his work.
Gabriela Gabriela 2 For having a positive attitude towards all her learning. Well done and keep it up!
Skye Skye3 3 For always being helpful, particulary during our "wow" day.
Leo.B Leob 4 For his amazing attitude to everything he does. Determination to improve in all areas.
Adeola Adeola 5 For always working hard and setting a good example to her classmates.
Skye Skye6 6 For being a true all-round and complete and utter dare-devil.

Awarded 18 May 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Billy   R Always trying his best in everything he does.
Noah Noah 1 Amazing improvements in English and Maths.
Ruby Ruby 2 Having a positive attitude towards all her learning. Well done and keep it up!
Archie Archie 3 His hard work and determination to improve in Maths.
George   4 His effort to persue his goal of making the right choices. You've been a superstar!
Joshua Joshua 5 Working hard and producing mature writing and considered Maths.
Summer Summer 6 Giving 100% during SATs week even though she was unwell.

Awarded 11 May 2018:

Name   Year Reason
James James R Amazing counting and such hard work with his phonics. Well done!
Badra   1 Changing her attitude and behaviour. She now tries and focusses and produces much better work.
Levi Levi 2 Having a fantastic attitude in everything he does.
Millie Millie 3 Working independently and making a huge improvement in her English writing.
Soraia Soraia 4 For trying so hard to make the right choice. Concentrating in all lessons.
Freddie Freddie 5 Always making the right choice and putting so much effort into all his work.
Reece   6 For amazing dedication to improve his learning especially in Maths.

Awarded 04 May 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Zephia   R Reading with a greater level of fluency.
Mia Mia 1 Fantastic start to her new school. Always does the right.
Olivia S2250003 2 ALWAYS following the Gray's Farm 5.
Carlotta   3 For her outstanding effort in improving her work in English.
Lilly Lilly 4 Being inventive in finding different ways to play her shaker.
Ella Ella 5 For working really hard and making excellent progress.
Mason   6 For making outstanding progress and having an amazing attitude to his learning. Well done :).

Awarded 27 April 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Monroe Monroe R Trying so hard to make the right choice, with excellent result.
Alfie Alfie 1 Always making the right choices this term. Fantastic achievement.
Lacie Lacie 2 Always being a great role model for her class by following the Gray's Farm 5.
Tommy Tommy 3 Making huge improvements in his writing and maths.
Lewis Leiws 4 Working so hard in English. Using amazing description!
Favor Favor 5 For being focused in all learning and working really hard, especially writing!
Ofure Ofure 6 For being a fantastic role model in everything she does.

Awarded 20 April 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Pheobe Pheobe R For always listening, trying and suceeding.
Mason Mason 1 For always being plite and following the Gray's Farm 5.
George George 2 For coming in with a positive mindset and bouncing back quicker when things upset him.
Danny   3 For being an inspirational kind, who makes the right choices.
Hope Hope 4 For amazing work in Maths and English.
Alesha Alesha 5 For being a fantastic role model amd always giving 100% to all her work.
Paige Paige 6 For keeping me on my toes in Maths and working hard to improve her writing.

Awarded 24 March 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Frankii Frankii R For always trying her best and making the right choices.
Taylor   1 For making a great effort to improve his work - it really shows, especially in his handwriting
Delca Delca 2 For her hard work in maths and positive attitude.
Emmanuel Emmanuel 3 For always trying his best and for taking on board all of the feedback given to him.
Max Max 4 For always bringing a positive attitude to school. You are an asset in class :)
Jess Jess 5 For working really hard, making excellent progress and having a great attitude to learning.
Leo Leo 6 For working exceptionally hard to improve his levels in reading, maths & SPAG.

Awarded 16 March 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Selwin Selwin R For persistently trying with everything he does.
Toby Toby 1 For doing super well with his Maths!
Jasmine Jasmine 2 For her outstanding attitude towards all of her learning. Her perserverance is paying off!
Jasmine Jasmine (2) 3 For a huge improvement in her confidence and perseverance.
Leo Leo 4 For amazing Maths ability. Wonderful member of the class.
Blake Blake 5 For working incredibly hard in English and producing amazing writing!
Taylor Taylor 6 For always following the Gray's Farm 5 and consistently working to improve his writing.

Awarded 09 March 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Aaron Aaron R For being very well behaved and trying his hardest at all his activities.
Dominick Dominick 1 For trying hard in Maths and English, it really shows in his work.
Jacob Jacob 2 For trying hard in English & Maths by listening to advice.
Emmie Emmie 3 For her enthusiasm in English!
Lily-Mae Lilly Mae 4 For always trying her best and giving 100% in everything she does.
Jess Jess 5 For working really hard and making excellent progress in English and Maths.
Charlie Charlie 6 For thinking carefully about his language choice and the impact this has on the reader.

Awarded 23 February 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Mia Mia R For always surprising us with what she can do and being amazing!
Mason Mason 1 For a huge improvement in writing and spelling!
Toni-Marie Mia 2 For perserving with her Maths and always showing good learner behaviour
Scarlett Scarlett 3 Perservering in her learning and for staying positive when she finds something challenging.
Amy Amy 4 For her perserverenace in all subjects. Always being helpful.
Lois Lois 5 Making a huge improvement in her behaviour, putting herself before others and producing outstanding English!!
Lilly   6 For working incredibly hard and always being a good role model.

Awarded 02 February 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Masie Masie 1 For massive improvement in her work due to sheet determination and effort.
Kylan Kylan 2 For being enthusiastic and continuing to push himself in Maths.
Tobie Tobie 3 For working really hard all week with his work and positive attitude
Hannah Hannah 4 For exemplary behaviour and always trying her best.
Harry Harry 5 For trying really hard to improve his English and Maths.
Niamh Niamh 6 For working hard to improve her Numeracy skills

Awarded 26 January 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Merthan Methan R For always making the right choice.
Demi Demi 1 For trying really hard with her writing, particularly with joining her letters!
Lexi Lexi 2 For being an amazing role model and always trying her best :)
Sofia Sofia 3 For amazing writing! Sofia has come so far!
Lexy Lexy 4 For using her amazing paper-mache skills making Brazilian maracas
Mataya Mataya 5 For always making the right choices and being incredibly kind to her classmates!
Beaulah Beaulah 6 For always working hard, following the Gray's Farm 5 and being a good role model.

Awarded 19 January 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Jordan   1 For great improvements to his work due to the 100% effort he puts into everything.
Mihelina Mihelina 2 For having a fantastic attitude towards her learning.
Taylor Taylor 3 For putting in so much effot all week. You maths and handwriting has been fantastic! Well done!
Arthur Arthur 4 For an amazing word count! Plus always pushing himself in all areas of the curriculum.
Tiya Tiya 5 For always working hard and making the right choices.
Ruksan Ruksan 6 For an excellent attitude to learning and always wanting to improve. Well done Ruksan!


Awarded 12 January 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Darcie Darcie 1 For always smiling and having a positive attitude to her learning.
Alina Alina 2 For always bringing a positive attitude to school and for consistently making the right choice.
Keeley Keeley 3 For putting so much effort into all areas of her learning.
Fariaan Fariann 4 For being an excellent role model, who always follows the Gray's Farm 5.
Iesha   5 For improving her writing through taking on board any feedback and therefore creating great pieces of writing.
Archie Archie 6 For maintaining a positive attitude and alaways trying his best.