Headteacher's Cup

Every week a child from each year group is presented with the Headteacher's cup for their hard work and good behaviour in class. See below for the latest Headteacher's cup winners!

Awarded 08 February 2019:

Name   Year Reason
Selwin Selwin 1 Always trying his best and for his enthusiasm in everything he does.
Rashaun Rashaun 2 An incredible improvement on his attitude to learning!
Teja Teja 3 Her great attitude towards everything she does. Such a superstar.
Keeley Keeley 4 For her determination to improve in all areas of the curriculum. Well done!
Chloe Chloe 5 Working really hard and making excellent progress.
Lily-Rose Lily rose 6 Pushing herself to be the best that she can be.

Awarded 01 February 2019:

Name   Year Reason
Taiya   1 For ALWAYS doing her best in all she does and being an amazing story writer.
Kaiden Kaiden 2 Working so hard to impress and showing huge progress in his writing.
Ashley Ashley 3 For his enthusiasm to his maths learning.
Bobby Bobby 4 For developing an amazing focus in his learning attitude AND his attitude and ability to make positive choices and fewer poor choices.
Honey Honey 5 For putting extra efort into both her Maths and English and trying her best.
Ella Ella 6 For impressing all of the Year 6 teaching staff with her dedication.

Awarded 25 January 2019:

Name   Year Reason
Henry Henry 1 For improved attitude to his work - his is really focussed.
Archie Archie 2 His growing confidence in all areas and for working his socks off!
Alarnah Alarnah 3 A positive change in her attitude towards learning and perservering even when things are hard. Keep it up!
Lily Lily 4 A fanastic piece of descriptive writing, always making the right choice and being an excellent role model.
Nadia Nadia 5 Always pushing herself, support others and constantly smiling.
Molly Molly 6 Always doing her best to a high standard, helping her friends with their work and giving up her freetime to help with a charity. 

Awarded 18 January 2019:

Name   Year Reason
Luna Luna 1 Perservering when things are tough and finding new ways to help.
Noah Noah 2 Doing extra work at home which is really showing in his work.
Olivia Olivia 3 Her dedication to improving her handwriting. It has paid off enormously
Jof Jof 4 Taking part really well in lesson and giving brilliant ideas.
Ruby Ruby 5 Always being a kind and caring member of the class that can be relied upon for making the right choice
Archie Archie 6 Working hard on showing determination to improve in all areas.

Awarded 11 January 2019:

Name   Year Reason
Sophie Sophie 1 Making good progress through sheer effort and determination. Well done!
Noemi Jasmine 2 Always putting in 100% effort at school.
Jasmine Noemi 3 Being a great role model and for bringing her positive attitude to school. :)
Obehi Obehi 4 Her perserverance and determination to her reading.
Stacy Stacy 5 For always working hard in class and setting a good example.
Kieran Kieran 6 Working hard on showing determination to improve in all areas.

Awarded 14 December 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Billy   1 For amazing work on arrays in Maths this week. Keep it up!
Maisie Maisie 2 For being an excellent role model and always trying her best.
Sinead Sindead 3 For perservering when finding work challenging and checking her work carefully to improve her writing.
Harley Hayley 4 Preserving in all areas of his work, especially maths.
Erin Erin 5 Putting extra effort into her work and taking on board feedback given. Well done - keep it up!
Ava Ava 6 Working tirelessly to meet all her new targets.

Awarded 23 November 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Leon Leon 1 Trying SO hard to do the right thing, with amazing results
Aidan Aidan 2 Doing the right thing and challenging himself in Maths.
Seb Seb 3 Thinking carefully about his learning and being more confident in sharing this.
Skye Skye 4 Excelling in her maths work this week & becoming a fantastic scientist/leader. Worked well in a team to produce fab results.
Arthur Arthur 5 His enthusiasm to learning and the support his gvies his classmates for them to achieve.
Ruby   6 Working incredibly hard in maths even when challenged.

Awarded 02 November 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Luchia Luchia 1 Always doing her best in EVERYTHING she does!
Jess Jess 2 Her outstanding effort and hard work, especially in English.
Alina Alina 3 Always taking on board any advice given to her and having a positive attitude to her learning.
Carlotta   4 Perservering with her maths work - Which has increased her confidence enough to challenge herself further.
Amy Amy 5 Making amazing progress in Maths and English. We are all so proud of you.
Ben Ben 6 Working so hard especially in English.

Awarded 12 October 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Layla Layla 1 Always following the Gray's Farm 5. She is an excellent role model.
Frankie Frankie 2 Trying SO hard in his "quizzes" this week and for always being helpful!
Maisie Maisie 3 Making improvements in all her learning due to her positive and determined attitude.
Joe Joe 4 Having a positive attitude to everything. Always trying his best, making the right choice.
Hannah Hannah 5 Always following the Gray's Farm 5 and for her determination in Maths!
Lewis Lewis 6 Showing enthusiasm in all learning.

Awarded 05 October 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Aaron Aaron 1 Always listening, doing the right thing and trying his best.
Mason Mason 2 Always being a kind friend and working hard.
Harvey   3 Changing his attitude towards his learning and making himself believe "he can do it"
Emmanuel Emmanuel 4 Working very hard to make his harvest poem amazing. Always making the right choice and helping others.
Mushtaha Mushtaha 5 Always being a fantastic role model and applying herself to every piece of work.
Harry Harry 6 Amazing perserverance to conquer the world of fractions.

Awarded 21 September 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Pheobe Pheobe 1 Always doing the right thing and always trying her best. An excellent role model.
Jack Joe Jack joe 2 Always being up for the challenge and an amazing role-model to our class!
Samir Shamir 3 Always pushing himself to improve his learning.
Scarlett Scarlett 4 Her determination to improve in all areas of the curriculum. For always making the right choice.
Halle   5 Her change in attitude toward Maths. She now knows she CAN do it!
Alesha Alesha 6 Always being focused, being supportive to her peers and identifying how to improve her work.

Awarded 14 September 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Ryan Ryan 1 Outstanding listening and acting on what he hears.
Jana Jana 2 Knowing if she tries hard she can succeed
Charnce Charnce 3 An amazing start to the year. Trying his best all day, every day. What a superstar!
Mia Mia 4 Always making the right choices and being an amazing role model! Also helping others with their maths works.
Chloe Chloe 5 Pushing herself in all learning - especially Maths! Keep up the great work!
Rae Rae 6 Keeping me (Mrs Reynolds) on my toes during maths.

Awarded 07 September 2018:

Name   Year Reason
Louie Louie 1 Always following the Gray's Farm 5. He is an excellent role model in everything!
Lucy Lucy 2 Consistently following the Gray's Farm 5!
Lexie Lexie 3 Always trying hard in her learning and being so excited to learn!
Alfie Alfie 4 Making the right choice - even though it is hard sometimes! Being very helpful.
Callum   5 Pushing himself and doing really well in Maths!
Rosie Rosie 6 An amazing start to Year 6.