Footscray Breakfast Club & After School Club


As many of you know, we have a new company that started with us on the 1st March to run the Breakfast and After School Clubs. Most of the faces that work with your children will stay the same, but there will be some new staff in there to help. Please find details below of how the provision will work.

Timings & Session Prices




Breakfast Club

7.30am – 8.45am


After School Club

3.20pm – 6.15pm


Reduced Session After School Club

3.20pm – 4.20pm



Bookings will need to be made via the contact details below or on your registration form.


Footscray will do their utmost to be flexible to the needs of the parents at Gray’s Farm. From now until the Easter break, bookings will be able to be made on a completely ad hoc basis, but must be booked the night before at the very latest to ensure they have enough staff to cover the session. A registration form MUST be completed before a child uses any sessions.

After the Easter break, to use the After School Club you will be required to book a minimum of one session per week to use this provision, but you will be able to increase the sessions on an ad hoc basis should you need to. Breakfast Club will remain on a completely ad hoc basis and there will be no minimum weekly session requirements.

We would like to reiterate that Footscray are extremely flexible in their booking procedures compared to other After School Club provisions and will consider all other requests on a case by case basis e.g. surgeries, Jury Duty etc.


Payments for your booked sessions will be need to be made by Bank Transfer. Bank details are as follows;

Sort code - 30-91-85

Account - 65356360

Contact Details

FOSC can be contacted on 07889 559872 or via email at


If, for unforeseen circumstances, you did not collect your child at the end of the school day and were not registered with FOSC, we would transfer your contact details and child’s allergies to them for safeguarding purposes. The session at After School Club would then be chargeable.