Junior Leadership Team



JLT - Diversity Diversity

Respect and support other people and to try our best to protect everyone while we try to include everyone. We will try our best to make everyone happy during break time and lunch times, and hope to spread positive words around the school. 


Diversity 2


JLT - SafetySafety

Our aim is to make sure that everyone is safe in school as well as online and to be as safe as possible on the roads. The Safety team also wants to help out the Teaching Assistants and the children with their problems. 





JLT - WellbeingWellbing

Our aim in JLT is to make sure everyone has a great mindset towards learning. We want to make sure everyone is successful in classes while still being happy. Wellbeing is about being healthy and progressing in school.





JLT have been very busy since they have been appointed. They have shown prospective parents around the school on our Open Days (check out the lovely feedback we received by clicking on the picture below), helped with the Poppy Appeal, reorganised our library and greated parents for our Christmas performances! 


Open day feedback


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