Posted on: March 6th 2023

Comic Relief 2023

Red nose day


Gray’s Farm are really excited to be raising money for Red Nose Day this year.  As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, Red Nose Day brings the entire nation together to do something for charity and helping to support others who need it.  This year our Red Nose Day celebrations are going to be science related and will involve all year groups investigating the silly side of science throughout the day. 

To help raise money for the cause, the children can/are invited to dress up on Friday 17th March in exchange for a £1 donation. In the spirit of Red Nose Science Day we ask that the children come dressed in one of the following:-


  • Red - in homage to Red Nose Day the children can wear red clothing. 
  • As a scientist 
  • As something science related - perhaps as a scientific discovery or an experiment gone wrong

As always, we don’t want you to spend lots of money on dressing up, you can go as big or as small as you like. 

Comic relief partners with amazing projects and organisations to make a difference to the lives of millions of people across the UK and around the world. This year, money raised by the charity will also be sent to those families recently affected by the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. To find out more about Red Nose Day and how they use money raised, please visit :

As always thank you for your continued support. 



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