Posted on: March 12th 2018

This week at Gray's Farm



We shall continue our story of "What Ever Next" counting  forwards and backwards from 10 and ordering numbers from 1-10 plus.

We will be exploring planets and using shapes to make rockets.

On Friday 16th March to conclude our work on the story of "what Ever Next" we will be, like baby bear in the story, have an indoor picnic. We are therefore inviting the children to bring their favourite soft toy labelled please to join our Teddy Bears Picnic.

On Wednesday 14th March at 1.30pm for the afternoon children and Wednesday 21st March from 9.30am for the morning children we shall be having a visit from Bromley dental team who will talk to the children about caring for our teeth, she will bring puppets and stories and talk about healthy eating.


Next week we will be concluding our work on Superworm, and Superheroes. We will be thinking about Wizard Lizard's potion and its ingredients and practising counting in different ways. In Phonics we are continuing with Phase 5 new sounds as follows: ph (photo) , ew (chew) , oe (toes) ,au (author) and ey (donkey).

Monday is a whole school science day and we will be working on lots of exciting activities in mixed age groups.

If you haven't already come along for Parent's Evening, it is on Tuesday and Thursday. mums- hope you have/had a special Sunday!


In Maths we are continuing with money - we will be adding and subtracting coins and solving money problems. If possible, please show your child any coins/notes you may have in your purse and talk about their value.

In English and to continue our Africa topic, we will be beginning to read ‘Lila and the secret of rain’. We will be completing lots of activities related to the character and setting as well as role playing the story in order to learn the it well!


In Maths this week, we will be looking at multiplication and division. We will be thinking about what facts we can recall, which we need to count on to solve and which we need to dray arrays for.

In English, we are starting a new book called ‘ Zerafa the Giraffe’ which is true story! We will be using our conjunctions to join main clauses together to write about our thoughts on the story.


Maths - we will be starting a new topic of fractions and developing the skills we began learning a few weeks ago.

English - we will be continuing our topic of news reports, where we will be writing and performing our own scripts.

ICT - we will be choosing a topic and becoming researchers who use the internet safely to find out information.


In Maths we are going to convert between different units of measure and calculate the perimeter/area of rectilinear shapes in cm/mm.

In English we will be starting I was a rat and looking at newspaper reports.


In English we will be looking at apostrophes, prefixes and suffixes and paragraphing,
In maths, we are looking at timetables, area and perimeter.

We continue learning about rivers in topic and space in science.


Year 6 will be using chronological order to report on the events in our book, ‘Tortoise VS  Hare, The Rematch’. In science, we will be learning about ‘selective breeding’.