Posted on: February 11th 2019

This week at Gray's Farm 11/02


Week Beginning: 11 February 2019


We shall continue our topic on Pirates and Mermaids.

We will be making our own message in a bottle, if you have any small plastic bottles at home we would be grateful for them. The children will be counting and ordering gold coins and predicting whether pirate treasure will float or sink.

On Friday 15th February to consolidate our learning the children are invited to come to nursery in fancy dress either Pirates or Mermaids for our party. (no swords please).

Please remember to continue to post on tapestry.


This week, we have our exciting wow day- under the sea and valentines afternoon. We look forward to seeing you! It will begin at 2.30pm and parents and carers are invited to come to the front office to see our exhibition in the hall.

We finish our topic of habitats and our exploration under the deep blue sea.
We will be revising our phase 3 sounds that we have learnt this term and be practicing to segment, blend and read words with previously leant sounds in.

We will be encouraging the children to write sentences using key features such as a capital letter, finger spaces (between words) and a full stop at the end!




This week in Year Two, we will be writing our newspaper article about the Great Fire of London with a focus on question sentences, exclamation sentences and use of our conjunctions. In Maths this week, we will be looking at 2D shapes and using our shape terminology: vertices and edges. In the afternoons, we're having a times table focus - watch this space!


In Maths, it is our Geometry week, so we are going to make, sort and categorise 3D shapes.

In English, we are going to plan/write a letter to the president of the British Scientific Society telling him about all the great activities we had carried out during our Science lessons this term.


In English we will be working on using conjunctions at the beginning of a sentence.
In Maths we will be working on lines of symmetry and classification of 2d shapes.


In English, we will be exercising our 'Talk for Writing' skills as well as our editing and improving abilities. Some of us will be looking at linking paragraphs and semi-colons.
In maths, we are very excited about 'Times Table Week'! We will be solving lots of multiplication investigations and creating our own times table song!


This week in year 6, we will be taking part in the whole school times table challenge.