Posted on: September 19th 2019



We appreciate that at the best of times parking around the school can be challenging, especially around drop off times. However, we would like to remind parents to be courteous to our neighbours when parking around the school, please ensure that the zig zag school lines are left clear outside the school and that you aren’t obstructing access to residents’ driveways. This is particularly important as some parents’ parking impacts on the ability to see up and down the road and could potentially lead to some kind of accident.

We would also like to highlight that Stillwell Close, that runs next to the school site, is a private road. We would like to ask parents to respect this and not use this road, or its parking bays contained within, to park when travelling to the school.

We appreciate that this may mean that on occasion, during busy times, it may mean that you need to park further away from the school.

Thank you for your co-operation with this matter.