Posted on: December 13th 2019

Science Day 2019

IMG 0118

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed science day today. We’ve had a wide array of investigations taking place through the school. KS1 carried out a cornflower investigation, created an explosion of colour using bicarbonate of soda, colour mixing using paper towels and also colour mixing using washing up liquid!

KS2 have been experimenting with ways to blow up a balloon using hot water, how put a skewer through an inflated balloon without it popping, created silly putty and made dream potions with cabbage, glitter, washing up liquid & bicarbonate of soda.

This in addition to the taste bud tests with brussel sprouts this morning, you can still smell brussel sprouts around the school this afternoon!

We are sure the children will be full of stories of what science day has had in store for them today when they come home!

Photos from the day can be found over on the gallery page:




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