Posted on: November 4th 2020

A letter to Parents


As you will have seen in the news, we are about to approach another month of national lockdown. I know many of you will feel nervous about this but we are really pleased that schools are to remain open; we believe that the stability and structure of school is exactly what is needed at the moment and we have seen so much progress and laughter since the children returned. As you will know from our previous videos and letters, we have lots in place to keep the children and staff as safe in school as possible and our risk assessment is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that we are in-line with any new Government guidance.

When the children are in school, we are doing everything we can to minimise any risks from Covid but as the Government guidance has changed, I thought it may be worthwhile to remind you, as parents on school property, of our expectations:


  • Only ONE parent to drop off/pick up a child/family, please
  • No households should be mixing at all so as such, we ask that you do not stand with other parents or families on school grounds or outside the school gates
  • When waiting outside a door for your child, please stay well back and spaced out to allow the teachers to dismiss the children safely
  • Please ensure that you supervise your child/ren carefully to ensure that they are not mixing with children outside of their bubble and are not using school equipment or playing on the trim-trail or stage. These areas are out of use and as such are not part of our cleaning regime so may pose a risk to your child/family
  • We would encourage all parents to wear a mask on school property in order to protect themselves and others
  • Please do not arrive at the school site any earlier than is necessary to avoid any over-crowding and please do not stay on the playground or field any longer than is necessary. We know the staggered drop-off and pick-ups present a challenge for many of you, but they are designed to avoid any unnecessary crowds/ gathering in groups

I appreciate that school may feel like a very different place at the moment and I think we are all finding it hard not to be as open and welcoming as we would like to be but I hope that you understand that all of these decisions are made with the safety of everybody in mind.

I would like to thank you again for your continued support in helping us do our best through these unprecedented times.


Kind regards,


Nicola Furneaux