Posted on: March 21st 2022

This week at Gray's Farm - W/B 21/03


Week Beginning: 21st March 2022


Our final sub topic at nursery relating to people who help us is about builders. Constructive play will help our children to make sense of the world, they develop problem solving and social skills and improve their fine motor development. 
Please check out tapestry for further updates and activities during the week.


In Reception this week the children will be using the stories 'Dinosaur Stomp' and 'Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp' to help them write sentences about how the dinosaurs can move. In Maths, the children will be beginning to investigate 3D shapes by learning their names and investigating their features.


In English, we will be using a new text called 'Lila and the Secret of Rain'. We will be exploring why water is important to us and why we need it to survive. We will be using this to write a letter in the role of Lila. In Maths, we will be exploring coins and money again this week but really thinking about adding coins together to make totals. We will be applying our coin knowledge to real life problems. Remember, home learning, on Google Classroom is due on Wednesday 23rd March.


This week in English, we will be retelling the narrative of the Enormous Turnip and we will be writing an alternative version. Our focus for the week will be +ed spelling rules. 

This week in Maths, we will be looking at statistics! The focus for the week will be to identify a pictogram, tally chart and bar chart. We will be constructing our own pictogram, tally chart and bar chart using the data we have collected and answering questions based on the data too. 


This week, Year three has an exciting and full week!

We will be adding to our previously learned skills in Maths by learning to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. 

In English we are focussing on using possessive apostrophes in our writing whilst still building our stamina by writing bigger pieces of text. 

We will be concluding our current Science topic on plants by writing up observations and conclusions on the plant growing investigations we have been working on this term. 

Pe days are still Wednesday and Thursday. 


In English, Year 4 will be continuing our focus on paragraphs and writing a narrative.  In Maths, our focus will be fractions and statistics.


Year 5 will be continuing writing about the book 'Anglo-Saxon boy' in our English. In Maths, we are finding the area of compound shapes and converting between units of measure. We will be learning about Alfred the Great, in History, and combining our RE learning to discover how the Anglo-Saxons learnt about Christianity. 


This week in year six, we will be learning about the impact of rationing during WW2. We will be finding out what was rationed, how long it lasted and why.

In Science, we are going to become botanists and use our classification skills to sort leaves.