Dinner Money Policy

We want your child to enjoy their lunches in school and for the lunchtimes to run smoothly. Therefore, we ask you please follow these simple rules when paying dinner money:

  • All payments should be made via the school gateway, either weekly, half termly or termly – not daily.
  • If you think you may be entitled to free school meals, please call into the school office for an application form. We are more than happy to fill in the form for you, and advise you when the form has been processed and the outcome. Please apply, even if your child has packed lunch, as the school receives money for each free school meal application. It is also nice for the children to join in with special themed meals that run throughout the year.
  • If you are experiencing problems paying your dinner money, please contact the school office to discuss. If you have an outstanding debt we can arrange for you to gradually reduce it by making small weekly payments, but your child will not be eligible for school meals until all debts are fully paid.
  • If you continually fail to pay your dinner money and have to be frequently contacted about your debit balance, your child will be refused school dinners and you will be asked to provide them with a packed lunch on a permanent basis.
  • Please make sure you are aware of your child’s dinner money balance so that unnecessary letters and telephone calls home can be avoided.

Weekly dinner money  £10.00 (£2.00 per meal)     

1st Half term dinner money        £54

2nd Half term dinner money       £68

Our new menu for the summer term can be found HERE. There are some changes to the menu including lots of new recipes so please try and encourage your child to try new things and not just have a jacket potato every day.