Dinner Money Policy - September 2017

From Monday 18th September 2017, there will be some changes to the rules that apply to school dinners:


  • Dinner money is £2.10 per day, £10.50 per week (only children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 pay for a school meal).


  • All payments should be made via the School Gateway either at the beginning of the week or can be paid half termly or termly. Please do not pay for them daily as the school incurs a charge every time a payment is made. You will never lose money as any credit balance will be carried forward to the following week.


  • If you pay for school meals, your child should never have a debit balance.


  • Debit balances are chased up by either text or telephone, both of which incur a charge for the school, and takes up valuable admin’ time.


  • If your child persistently has a debit balance, you will receive a letter explaining they are no longer eligible for school meals and you will be asked to send them in with a packed lunch.


  • As dinner choices are sent to the kitchen directly after registration, any child arriving after 9.05am will only be able to have a jacket potato.


  • If your child has a pre-arranged appointment (evidence must be given) which means they will arrive at school late, you can book their dinner either with their class teacher or the office staff the day before or any time before 9.05am on the day.


  • Any child arriving after 9.15am will not be eligible for a hot meal, but will be offered a cheese, tuna or egg sandwich or salad but will still be able to have fruit or a pudding.


  • Please bear in mind that attendance to some of our after school activities and some school trips is dependent on your child not having a debit balance on their dinner money account.


As always, if you think you may be entitled to free school meals, please contact a member of the office staff who will be happy to check instantly for you. You will just need to provide them with your full name, date of birth and national insurance number.


If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.